The CTW collection minted on February 26, 2022 and sold out within 24 hours of our public sale. Our mission is to empower, educate and help everyone join the web3 space.

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Web3 Educational Platform

VIP holder access to our sister product W3 Learn Academy which unlocks masterclasses, bootcamps & fun trainings. Topics such as Coding, NFT Marketing, Discord Moderation, Smart Contracts & More

1:1 Advisorship Program

We invite project founders to apply for our monthly 1:1 advisorship program which includes access to our team of experts including founder & 20K+ Twitter & Discord community. We want to help highlight & support our our community of Web3 builders!

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Job board & CTW Talent pool

Create your Web3 profile, share you dream job, browse curated job opps, share opportunities and let CTW community help elevate you!

Tools & Perks Discovery

CTW members will be able to find the best tools (and perks!) for creating and participating in Web3. Discounts and offers are available as perks for tools and services used by professionals, creators, builders, and learners.

100% IP Rights

As an owner of a token, you receive 100% of commercial rights to the art if you wish to create something with your CTW. We highly encourage you to create a story for your CTW and even make her an influencer, possibilities are endless!

Read more about it here.

Commercial Rights

50% of the royalty paid from Crypto Tech Women (CTW) to you if we use your Crypto Tech Women for commercial use!

Fun Experiences & Giveaways

Exclusive Holders Giveaway Channel in Discord for NFT Art Giveaways, Partnerships, Allow lists for partner community mints, & more. 2 NFTs will be raffled in Discord monthly, more details soon!

Special Traits Club

There are 15 CTW with 7 traits that qualify for the Special Traits Club. As a perk, we will be airdropping these hodlers NFT art from other collections that we love!

& More...

Merch Drops, Special Traits Club, Surprise Partnerships, newsletter recaps & More To Come!

About Us

CTW is a community-centric brand with the mission of educating and onboarding people to Web3 through inclusive approaches to education and fun experiences.

CTW launched its sister site W3 Learn Academy Summer 2022 to equip individuals with the skills needed to succeed in Web3. Our goal is to empower the web3 curious to gain the knowledge they need from industry leaders.

Our purpose is to support and empower women to be in tech and succeed in tech. We envision a world where extraordinary women are leading the tech industry and the web3 revolution.



  • Partnership with Sofias NFT Club
  • GiftUSA & Eva Longoria & GlobalGiftUSA Partnership Event
  • CTW Newsletter Launch
  • Curated Job Board & CTW Talent Pool Access
  • VIP Access to NYC NFT Private Event


  • More Features, Bootcamps & Masterclasses Launch for W3 learn Academy
  • VIP Access to Art Basel Private Event in Miami
  • More Partnerships and Perks announced
  • Explore the next phase of CTW






Software engineer, originally from Venezuela. My mission is to continue to grow and lead the vision of Crypto Tech Women while ensuring the right culture is nurtured within the community. Having the right culture is my top priority and for me, the right culture is one that is inclusive, is one where everyone feels supported, encouraged, listened and cared for. Building longevity for Crypto Tech Women is my main goal. Learn more about me by going to


head of marketing

Multi-passionate Entrepreneurial Growth Marketer with over 10 years experience in tech growing brands through performance marketing strategies. Led marketing for educational products including Matthew Hussey (over 2 million YouTube & NY Best Seller), Experian (FinTech) and even her own marketing academy where she’s trained over a dozen business women.Celi has been learning about the Crypto Space since 2019 and got involved with NFTs in 2021. She is a part of a number of women led projects & enjoys supporting women led, women founded projects.


Brand Communications apprentice

Social + Sustainability Advocate with 5+ years in Public Relations and Content Curation. Originally from Malaysia, Nisa obtained her Master’s degree in Media Management and Strategic Communication at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Nisa plans to pivot her career in the blockchain, web3 and DeFi space. Currently, she is a media relations specialist at a B2B PR Agency and the Brand Communications apprentice with Crypto Tech Women.


Brands Partnership Manager

Lifting loved brands into the limelight since 2012, I am most interested in making real and relevant connections using the world's most powerful digital tools. Collaboration & conversational content is key for those who want to grow their online relationships.


Finance Manager

Finance manager with over 3 years of experience growing a tech startup into an established business. Focused on the long term financial growth and stability of CTW. Enjoys working out, surfing, and snowboarding in his free time.



Focused on Business Development strategies. Working with gaming, DeFi and inspirational NFT focused teams that bring real world utility to the world and to blockchains.

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