8,888 unique collectible characters created with a mission to empower, educate and help others join the web3 space.



Special Traits Club

Monthly perks to select Crypto Tech Women holders. Perks to be revealed soon!

IP Rights

As an owner of a token, you receive 100% of commercial rights to the art if you wish to create something with your CTW. We highly encourage you to create a story for your CTW and even make her an influencer, possibilities are endless! Read more about it here.

Web3 Educational Platform

We are launching an online educational platform focusing on topics specific to the web3 space that token holders will have exclusive access to. More information on this coming soon!

Community Fund

A community fund will be established directed towards supporting creators that want to make valuable contributions to our Crypto Tech Women space. Contributions can be in form of utilities, arts, etc.

IRL Events & Giveaways

As a CTW holder you will have access to some IRL experiences and giveaways exclusive to token holders!


As a CTW holder you have exclusive access to masterclasses experiences with a range of topics to support our token holders from all walks of life.

About Us

The Crypto Tech Women Community is a generative  NFT collection of 8,888 unique ERC-721 tokens stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Our purpose is to support and empower women to be in tech and succeed in tech. We envision a world where extraordinary women are leading the tech industry and the web3 revolution.

8,888 unique NFTs

Crypto Tech Women Milestones

15% Sales


Special art airdrop for some of our early supporters who buy before the 15% sales milestone..

70% Sales

in progress

Member Exclusive Crypto Tech Women merchandise will launch. This drop aims to highlight and help grow our brand. A community fund will be established with 100% of all profits directed towards supporting creators that want to make valuable contributions to our Crypto Tech Women space. Contributions can be in form of utilities, arts, etc.

100% Sales


More details to be revealed on exclusive airdrops, IRL events exclusive to members, weekly giveaways, charity donations and so much more to come!

40% Sales


2.5% of all primary sales will be used to establish a donation fund. As a community, we will decide on an organization to donate to this that revolves around helping bridge the gap for more women in web3 space. Our mission is to help more women join the NFT & Crypto space and create more opportunities for all women across the world.

90% Sales


$20,000 will be added to the donation fund and $30,000 added to our community grant.




Software engineer, originally from Venezuela. My mission is to continue to grow and lead the vision of Crypto Tech Women while ensuring the right culture is nurtured within the community. Having the right culture is my top priority and for me, the right culture is one that is inclusive, is one where everyone feels supported, encouraged, listened and cared for. Building longevity for Crypto Tech Women is my main goal.


chief of staff

Managing Crypto Tech Women's goals, priorities, internal and external operational tasks, and special strategic projects. Dog mom, yogi and wife.


head of marketing

Multi-passionate Entrepreneurial Growth Marketer with over 10 years experience in tech growing brands through performance marketing strategies. Led marketing for educational products including Matthew Hussey (over 2 million YouTube & NY Best Seller), Experian (FinTech) and even her own marketing academy where she’s trained over a dozen business women.Celi has been learning about the Crypto Space since 2019 and got involved with NFTs in 2021. She is a part of a number of women led projects & enjoys supporting women led, women founded projects.



Focused on Business Development strategies. Working with gaming, DeFi and inspirational NFT focused teams that bring real world utility to the world and to blockchains.

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